MMA: Holloway, McGregor go tweet for tweet

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Sonnen said on his official YouTube channel.

And the display they put on at UFC 218 only highlights how good McGregor was to have defeated them according to Sonnen. I kind of did see Conor on Saturday.

McGregor is the UFC's biggest and highest-drawing star, and it isn't even close.

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Punches and kicks land with wince-inducing impact, and one or two well-timed strikes-say, when you notice an opponent has an unfortunate habit of circling into your power hand-can change the complexion of a whole fight. I want the new flavor.

It's all extremely responsive, too. With the widespread availability of streaming platforms, may take it upon themselves to make such content free online. "Retired fighters love the past".

But what does more money bring McGregor? The attention to detail is very impressive. "His heart and his grit is beyond question, Eddie Alvarez is one of the greats ever". Like in EA UFC 2, submissions unfold in stages that require you to push the right analog stick in various directions on a four-quadrant menu prompt.

Sometimes it's hard to walk away from the career that brought you fame and fortune. Even a quick search of Twitch turns up plenty of UFC 3 beta results. He said anything is possible and didn't completely rule out a Holloway and McGregor fight, but it seemed unlikely. There's a ton of number-crunching in Ultimate Team for those who like that, but it comes tethered to a booster-pack system that many fear will allow for pay-to-win tactics.

A billion seems to be the most desired present for Conor McGregor this Christmas but what will that ultimately bring him?