Max Holloway calls out Conor McGregor, wants rematch

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"We went in here with just the idea of, 'Just be as violent as we can.' The byproduct of that would be a win". But in the Underground King, Justin faced an opponent of a certain quality that he had not encountered before. As long as I get contenders, I'm going to fight. He eventually put on an amazing performance, he got a unanimous win and the X1 title. In the process, he left his chin completely exposed and Ngannou took full advantage returning a huge upper left that left Overeem instantly unconscious. "So he's out there studying on his own - he's watching fights, breaking down people as well".

He's not wrong. Right now, Holloway is the best featherweight on planet Earth. Stay tuned for the latest chatter surrounding Conor McGregor's next fight. Ngannou has never had to go past two rounds while Overeem has over 50 professional fights.

The final finish, and arguably the most frustrating performance, came from Jose Aldo.

ICYMI, a rundown of Conor last month.

"I'm the most violent man in the UFC", Alvarez said on Philadelphia's 93.3 WMMR (transcript via MMAjunkie). Just as it played out in the first encounter, Aldo lost the bout via third-round TKO.

Aldo stepped in for this fight late notice as Holloway's original opponent, Frankie Edgar, was forced off of the card due to a facial injury. Holloway controlled the distance and was more active but this was still a very competitive contest. On every exchange, the Brazilian exploded with power, draining his energy supply. This we learnt when they fought first time around.

With this defeat, Aldo dropped to 26-4. And for this, the former featherweight champion paid the ultimate price. The Hawaiian upped the ante until Aldo could not cope and tried a takedown. Holloway is edging towards being considered the greatest 145 lb fighter of all time while McGregor is the current lightweight champion and is undoubtedly the biggest superstar the sport has ever seen. With serious doubts over McGregor's ability to make that cut anymore, the rematch, if it were to ever happen, would likely be at 155 lbs. With a capacity crowd roaring for blood, these men returned to the primitive nature of the sport and gave the fans exactly what they wanted. It took me 10 fights to get an interim title and 11 for the undisputed.